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The BSI Trust Lecture series began in October 2021. Lectures are held annually and are open to the public at no charge. They are delivered live as a Zoom webinar, with recordings deposited in the BSI Archive

Lectures typically last about an hour. The live event allows viewers to submit questions to the presenter.

BSI Trust Lecture Summary

The links below go to BSI Archive online recordings at the Indiana University media server.

Roberta Pearson: 2021 BSI Trust Lecture
The Adventure of the Mutable Detective
(See also her paper in the Spring 2022 BSJ)

Ray Betzner: 2022 BSI Trust Lecture
"221B": The Story of a Sherlockian Sonnet

Steven Rothman: 2023 BSI Trust Lecture
The Godfathers of Sherlockian Publishing: Christopher Morley and Edgar W. Smith

Future BSI Trust Lectures

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History of the BSI Trust Lectures

The BSI Trust Lecture series began in 2021 under the leadership of Thomas A. Horrocks, then Chair of the BSI Trust. Steve Mason, Greg Ruby, and Randall Stock produced the webinars. Alan Rettig edited the recordings, and Tamar Zeffren deposited the edited recordings in the BSI Archive.

BSI Trust Lecture Videos

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