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The 1958 BSI Dinner The 1958 BSI Dinner

Sixty nine Irregulars and guests gathered to commemorate the Master’s 104th birthday. Buttons-cum-Commissionaire Edgar W. Smith also serv...

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Spring 2015 Newsletter Spring 2015 Newsletter

The Spring 2015 newsletter includes these articles: Introducing the New BSI Trust Website by Andy Solberg. Gifts to the Treasury. The...

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The 1957 BSI Dinner The 1957 BSI Dinner

Buttons-cum-Commissionaire Edgar W. Smith, who also served as pro-tempore Gasogene-cum-Tantalus in Christopher Morley’s absence, called...

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Robert Thomalen Interview: Oral History Project Robert Thomalen Interview: Oral History Project

Robert E. Thomalen (The Three Garridebs, 1983) came to Sherlock Holmes through the Rathbone movies, obtained a copy of the Doubleday edit...

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The 1956 BSI Dinner The 1956 BSI Dinner

Sixty five Irregulars and guests gathered for the Master’s 102nd birthday, under the supervision of Charles Honce, who stood in for Chris...

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