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The 2005 BSI Dinner The 2005 BSI Dinner

More than 170 BSI and invitees gathered to celebrate Sherlock Holmes’s 151st birthday.  Great app...

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Arthur Levine Interview: Oral History Project Arthur Levine Interview: Oral History Project

Arthur L. Levine (The Cutter Alicia, 1955) had seen Basil Rathbone’s Sherlock Holmes movies as a ...

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The 2004 BSI Dinner The 2004 BSI Dinner

At Sherlock Holmes’s birthday sesquicentennial, “all was cocktails and conviviality as the Irregu...

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The 2003 BSI Dinner The 2003 BSI Dinner

At the beginning of the celebration of the 149th birthday of Sherlock Holmes, Wiggins welcomed se...

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The 2002 BSI Dinner The 2002 BSI Dinner

An inescapable guest at the 148th anniversary of the Master’s birth in New York was the somber me...

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The 2001 BSI Dinner The 2001 BSI Dinner

“Were we celebrating the arrival of 1901 or 2001?” So opens the Baker Street Journal’s recap of ...

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