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 The 1970 BSI Dinner The 1970 BSI Dinner

The celebrations of Sherlock Holmes’s 116th birthday were held this year at the Players Club,  “t...

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The 1969 BSI Dinner The 1969 BSI Dinner

Sherlock Holmes’s 115th birthday was “an even greater success than usual,” so Julian Wolff’s Comm...

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The 1968 BSI Dinner The 1968 BSI Dinner

Sherlock Holmes’s 114th birthday is possibly best known for an historic event that happened outsi...

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The 1967 BSI Dinner The 1967 BSI Dinner

An unfortunate milestone marked Sherlock Holmes’s 113th birthday: Rex Stout, the long-time master...

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The 1966 BSI Dinner The 1966 BSI Dinner

Sherlock Holmes’s 112th Birthday celebration took place against the backdrop of a New York transi...

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The 1965 BSI Dinner The 1965 BSI Dinner

Julian Wolff’s summary of the 111th Birthday Dinner records that “once more the attendance record...

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