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The 1982 BSI Dinner The 1982 BSI Dinner

Julian Wolff’s report in the Baker Street Journal regarding the 128th anniversary of Holmes’s birth is succinct yet effusive. The evenin...

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 The 1981 BSI Dinner The 1981 BSI Dinner

In the Baker Street Journal , the Commissionaire recorded that the 1981 Dinner marking Sherlock Holmes’s 127th birthday was “one of its b...

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The 1980 BSI Dinner The 1980 BSI Dinner

The 1980 Dinner marked Sherlock Holmes’s 126th birthday.  After the first Canonical toast to The Woman, Peggy (Mrs. H. W.) Starr was giv...

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The 1979 BSI Dinner The 1979 BSI Dinner

The 1979 Dinner marking Sherlock Holmes’s 125th birthday was “a great success and a new attendance record was made.” Julia Rosenblatt was...

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