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The 1955 BSI Dinner The 1955 BSI Dinner

Irregulars and guests gathered for the Master’s 101st birthday. Robert Keith Leavitt served as Gasogene- pro - tempore in the regrettabl...

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The 1954 BSI Dinner The 1954 BSI Dinner

On the hallowed occasion of the 100th birthday of “that great and good man,” Sherlock Holmes, 65 members from all over the world gathered...

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The 1953 BSI Dinner The 1953 BSI Dinner

Sixty four members gathered to commemorate the 99th anniversary of the Master’s birth. Rex Stout, substituting for Christopher Morley, ove...

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The 1952 BSI Dinner The 1952 BSI Dinner

Festivities commemorating the 98h anniversary of the Master’s birth—and inspired this year by Dr. John H. Watson’s 100th birthday—opened w...

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