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By 1949 the BSI are in full swing and a deep personal friendship has grown between Christopher Morley and Edgar W. Smith. Morley sends the greeting below to Smith at Christmas 1949, complete with a bit of Sherlockian doggerel (Smith is often referred to in letters from Morley as Dr. Thorneycroft Huxtable).

Letter, Morley to Smith, December 24, 1949
Letter, Christopher Morley to Edgar W. Smith, December 24, 1949

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Glen S. Miranker donated this letter to the BSI Trust in 2005.

Images of letters by Christopher Morley are made available for personal research use only; for other usage, please contact the Estate of Christopher Morley.

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Letter, Morley to Smith, 12/24/49 (digitized image at Harvard)

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"A Gift to the Archives" by Glen S. Miranker, For the Sake of the Trust, Vol 1. No.1 (Fall 2005), pp. 1-7.
The Fall 2005 Newsletter (5 MB PDF) includes details about the Morley-Smith correspondence.

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