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Douglas Wilmer as Sherlock Holmes (1964)
Douglas Wilmer (The Lyceum Theatre, 2000) was introduced to Sherlock Holmes by a Swiss landlady in Rugby, England.  She asked him if he had ever read Sherlock Holmes, and she dumped a pile of Holmes books on his bed.  He became “rather enthralled.” Years later (1964-1965), he played Holmes on television, a role for which he is best known.  Douglas Wilmer was born on January 8, 1920 and passed away on March 31, 2016.

Douglas was a talented and prolific actor. He had 99 film and television credits and uncounted stage credits. His acting career spanned from around 1935 to 2014.  His Sherlockian roles include Detective (TV Series, 1964, Sherlock Holmes), Sherlock Holmes (TV Series, 1964-1965, Sherlock Holmes), The Rivals of Sherlock Holmes (TV Series, 1973, Prof. Van Dusen), The Adventure of Sherlock Holmes' Smarter Brother (Movie, 1975, Sherlock Holmes), BBC Sherlock (TV Series, 2014, Diogenes Club Member).

In this interview, Douglas recounts the past under Nicholas Utechin’s expert questioning, responding with his typical self-deprecatory humor and candor.

Douglas Wilmer at the 2000 BSI Dinner
Douglas Wilmer at the 2000 BSI Dinner

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Interviewee: Douglas Wilmer
Interviewer: Nicholas Utechin
Date: January 22, 2015
Location: Woodbridge, Suffolk, England
Description: Pt.1 MP3, 46.7 MB, 85kbps, 1 hour 17 minutes

Interview Topics

Living in Shanghai
English Board School
Royal Academy of Dramatic Arts
The War Years
Introduction to Sherlock Holmes
Playing Sherlock Holmes
Standing up for Conan Doyle
El Cid
Stage Whispers (his memoirs)
Thoughts on his Career
BBC Sherlock
Jeremy Brett
On Acting
A Remarkable Lady

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Douglas Wilmer in BBC Sherlock (2014) wearing the BSI Bowtie
Douglas Wilmer, wearing the BSI Bowtie, as a member of the Diogenes Club 
in the BBC Sherlock episode “The Reichenbach Fall”

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