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Jerry Margolin, BSI

Jerry Margolin’s (Hilton Cubitt, 1977) fascinating interview showcases how, for him, “art in the blood” takes the form of stewarding the world’s largest collection of original art relating to Sherlock Holmes. 

His commitment to stewarding creations by luminaries ranging from Sidney Paget to Will Elder to Gahan Wilson (as well as some names which may surprise the listener) is matched only by his enthusiasm for hosting visitors to his collection and for sharing enticing glimpses of his collection on social media. 

Jerry shares insights about, among numerous topics, his background and family life; his introduction to Sherlock Holmes, thanks to his brother; his encounters with esteemed rare book dealers such as Enola Stewart of Gravesend Books and Lew Feldman of House of El Dieff (who originated the Morley-Montgomery Award); meaningful friendships formed and reinforced through the BSI Dinners and Sherlockian scion encounters; and captivating anecdotes from his decades of experience in collecting. 

A tremendous example of the latter is the list of outstanding individuals from whom Jerry has requested art—even those who did not contribute to his collection are, indeed, illustrious! Jerry’s conversation exemplifies the collector’s joy both in acquiring items and in sharing them with fellow collectors and the broader public. 

He is joined in this interview by his wife Judy—always introduced by Jerry as “St. Judy”—who shares her unique perspectives on being the extraordinarily patient spouse of a Sherlockian and “living in a museum.”

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Interviewee: Jerry and Judy Margolin 

Interviewer: Sonia Fetherston

Date: September 28, 2013

Location: Margolin home in Portland, OR

Description: MP3, 45 MB, 88kbps, 1 hour, 10 minutes

Interview Topics

Early life and family

Isaac Asimov

Julian Wolff

Norman Nolan

Andy Peck

BSI Dinner


Rare Books

Enola Stewart

Gravesend Books

Lew Feldman 

House of El Dieff

Frederic Dorr Steele

Sidney Paget

Al Hirschfeld


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