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Listen to audio recordings on the BSI Trust website using the web player widget.  Some controls might not appear on phones or small tablets.

Web Player example (non-functional)

Photo of Audio Web Player

Play: click #8 (round button at far right) to start playing audio
Once audio begins, button #8 changes to let you Pause playback.

Elapsed Time (#1): shows current point in time of playback 

Slider Control (#2): click (hold) & drag sideways to quickly change the current playback point in the recording

Progress bar (#3): darkened section shows roughly the playback point in the recording

Ending Time (#4): shows the ending time (length) of entire recording, in hours: minutes: seconds.

Rewind (#5): jumps back 15 seconds earlier in recording to repeat what you just heard

Skip (#6): jumps forward 30 seconds in recording

Playback Speed (#7): click to change how fast the recording plays (1x is normal speed) up to 2.5x (after which it resets back to normal 1x speed)

Play/Pause (#8): click to play or pause the recording.  When the round button has an inner triangle, clicking will start playback; when the round button has two vertical lines, clicking it will pause playback.

Phone Web Player example (non-functional)

Photo of Audio Web Player on Phones

(more controls might appear if you turn phone sideways)

Click the back button in your browser to return to the page with your audio player.

Troubleshooting Tips

No Audio

- You must be connected to the Internet to listen

- Check to see it is playing. The numbers at position #1 of the web player widget should be changing, and round button #8 should have 2 vertical lines.  If the round button #8 instead shows an inner triangle, click that button to start playing.

- Check that your system volume is not muted; adjust your system volume higher to make the sound louder

Intermittent audio

You need a constant, steady Internet connection to listen.  Driving or spotty cellular or Wi-Fi can affect the playback quality.

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