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The 1995 BSI Dinner group photo

The Dinner celebrating the 141st anniversary of the Master’s birth boasted a diverse slate of presentations, including Marina Stajic’s “put-‘em-on-one-at-a-time” presentation on Victorian undergarments; Paul Herbert’s report on two Sherlockian films that never made it from script to screen; Tom Stetak’s discussion of Canonical lawn ornaments (which might well have been subtitled “beware the deadly sundial”); David Stuart Davies’s well footnoted report; and Sherry Rose-Bond’s toast to the “Second Most Dangerous Man in London” (not who one might think!).

Myrtle T. Robinson was honored as “The Woman.” Eight Irregulars received their shillings. Dr. Robert S. Katz was honored with the Two-Shilling Award.

At the next day’s Sherlockian Cocktail Reception, William R. Cochran, editor of The Baker Street Journal announced that the Morley-Montgomery Memorial Award (established by Lew David Feldman in 1958 for the best contribution to the BSJ) has been revived. The author of the best paper published in 1995 will receive a prize of $500 during the 1996 BSI Weekend.

Dinner Details: January 6, 1995
24 Fifth Avenue, New York

Dinner Photo Information

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Key to People in the 1995 BSI Dinner photo (PDF)

BSI Honours List

David Stuart Davies as Sir Ralph Musgrave
Thomas J. Francis as The Imperial Opera of Warsaw
Theodore Friedman as The Commonplace Book
Marina Stajic as Curare
Dante M. Torrese as Von Herder
Gerald N. Wachs as Godfrey Emsworth, changed to Sir James Saunders
Kathryn White as The Musgrave Ritual
Ronald S. White as The Cabinet Photograph
* received Investiture at another event during the year
What is an Investiture?

Two-Shilling Award:
Robert S. Katz
What is a Two-Shilling Award?

The Woman:
Myrtle T. Robinson
What is The Woman honour?

"Stand with me here upon the terrace..."
(as named at this Dinner, not their year of passing)
Herman Beerman (Sir James Saunders, 1964)
Morency R. Dame (Colonel Lysander Stark, 1982)
James O. Duval (The Battered Tin Dispatch-Box, 1984)
Robert E. Matthews (The Coptic Patriarchs, 1958)
R. Irving Paxton (Mr. Sandeford, of Reading, 1961)
Ralph F. Turner (Colonel Carruthers, 1983)
John Bennett Shaw (The Hans Sloane of My Age, 1965)
What is the origin of “standing on the terrace?”

Morley-Montgomery Award:
No awards were given from 1981-1995.
What is the Morley-Montgomery Award?

Reports on the Dinner

The Baker Street Journal v45 n1 (March 1995) pp. 44-46 (available in the eBSJ).

Blau, Peter, Scuttlebutt from the Spermaceti Press, (January 1995), 1.

Key to People in the 1995 BSI Dinner photo (PDF)


A recording of portions of the 1995 BSI Dinner is available at Harvard as part of the BSI Archive.

Related Material

1995 BSI Dinner Menu (digitized images at Harvard)
Two pages. Cover and interior. Two copies. Sequence 159-162.

Rosenblatt, Albert M., “1994: The Sherlockian Year in Review,” The Baker Street Journal v45 n1 (March 1995), 47-51 (available in the eBSJ). Judge Rosenblatt’s Rhyming Retrospective of 1994 and the 1995 BSI Festivities, delivered at the January 7, 1995 Sherlockian Cocktail Reception.

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