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In addition to the Board of Trustees, many volunteers help with BSI Trust activities.  Thanks for your dedication and support:

Mike Berdan, for editing and publishing the Trust Newsletter

John Bergquist, for proofreading the Trust Newsletter

Mary Ann Bradley, for preparing letters, announcements, keeping track of donations made on the BSI Weekend Registration Form, and organizing the collection of historical items pertaining to The Woman

Joe Coppola, for recording the BSI Dinners and assisting in digitizing historical recordings

Peter Crupe, for assisting in data aggregation

Jenn Eaker, for editing and enhancing our audio recordings

Terry and Linda Hunt, for pre-cataloging material before it is sent to the Houghton Library

Kate Karlson, for proofreading the Trust Newsletter

Glen Miranker, for developing the Trust's core graphic design and original website

Scott Monty (I Hear of Sherlock Everywhere), for consulting and advice on the new Trust website design

Chris Music, for posting and managing this website's content

Michael Pollak and Laurie Manifold, for staffing the BSI Trust Book Sales table at the Venders Room during the BSI Weekend

Paul Singleton, for collecting manuscripts of BSI Dinner Presentations

Randall Stock (The Best of Sherlock Holmes), for designing, developing, and administering the website

Ben Vizoskie, for taking photographs of award recipients and speakers at the BSI Annual Dinner and BSI other events

Burt Wolder, for helping with our audio recordings

Tamar Zeffren, for researching and writing many of the posts on this website

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