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Mickey Fromkin, BSI and Susan Rice, BSI

Individually and in partnership, Susan Rice (Beeswing, 1991) and Mickey Fromkin (The Missing Three-Quarter, 1994) represent an inimitable force in the world of Sherlock Holmes. 

They traveled on different paths to this world. A self-described “kid Sherlockian” who received the Canon as an 11th birthday present and was so captivated that she forgot to open the remainder of her presents, Susan founded her first scion during her first job teaching classical studies at a middle school in Michigan. Mickey bought her first deerstalker long before she ever read the Canon and before she was introduced by Susan to the Sherlockian community. However, once they met during the BSI Weekend in January 1980, Susan and Mickey’s combined artistic achievements in sectors such as writing, song composition, travel, radio production, and the dissemination of beekeeping knowledge have continually enriched the Sherlockian world.

A notable focus of the conversation is Susan and Mickey’s outstanding commitment to mentoring younger generations of Sherlockians, especially through Susan’s organization of the monthly ASH Wednesday meetings for so many years. 

Susan’s reminiscences include fascinating details about the events leading up to the fabled 1991 BSI Cocktail Party at which she and five other women were fully invested in the BSI by Tom Stix. Mickey shares some of the creative process behind many of the Sherlockian verses she has penned. Their oral history includes incredible milestones and encounters with notable individuals too numerous to list here.

Susan received the Two-Shilling award in 2002. She passed away in September 2020.

Susan and Mickey’s interview testifies to a partnership which embodies the qualities that draw successive generations to the world of Sherlock Holmes: erudition, whimsy, creativity, and companionship with kindred spirits.

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Interviewees: Susan Rice and Mickey Fromkin 

Interviewers: Francine Kitts and Robert Katz

Date: July 10, 2013

Location: Players Club, NYC

Description: MP3, 42.0 MB, 63kbps, 1 hour 32 minutes

Interview Topics

Hugo’s Companions

Paul Smedegaard

Isle of Uffa Chowder and Marching Society

Evelyn Herzog




Trifling Monographs

Amateur Mendicants

Murder Inc. Bookshop

Adventuresses of Sherlock Holmes (ASH)

Toasts to Queen Victoria

Admitting Women into the BSI

Tom Stix, Jr.

BSI Dinners

Lisa McGaw

Gillette Luncheon

ASH Wednesday

John Bennett Shaw

Robert G. Harris

Robert W. Hahn

Katherine McMahon

Edith Meiser

Patricia E. Moran

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